• Sustainability
    Risk control
    Integrated management system
  • Environmental
    Environmental management system
    Minimized environmental load
    Compliance with environmental
    laws and regulations
  • Social
    Ethical management
    Corporate responsibility
    Mutual growth
    with the stakeholders
  • Economic
    Maximized value
    Profits creation
    Improved operation efficiency


Mutual growth with the stakeholders

DAEBO Engineering & Construction has put first mutual growth with our stakeholders and subcontractors by complying with applicable laws/regulations. To that end, we have also supported internal stability and growth of subcontractors and shared profits with them honestly. In addition, we've been endeavoring to carry out our social and environmental responsibility with diligent R&D efforts to save resources and social contribution activities for local communities.

Ethical management participated by all

DAEBO Engineering & Construction has publicly expressed its strong will for ethical management. By establishing 'Code of Ethics - Ethical Standards - Guidelines for Practice', all in the company have endeavored to safeguard integrity and internalize ethics. Once a year all the members of the organization complete the integrity pledge in a sincere effort to comply with the revised Framework Act on the Construction Industry and the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act.

Moreover, in cooperation with our stakeholders and subcontractors, we've promoted the 'no gift on holidays' campaign. In protecting human rights, we provide sexual harassment prevention programs on a regular basis and is planning to offer online anti-corruption education once a year.

Employees’ Integrity Pledge

  • First,

    I've thoroughly read and understood the Company's Ethical Standards and Guidelines for Practice and will take the initiative in eliminating improper solicitation and creating corporate culture that can win trust from our society.

  • Second,

    I will not cause any loss to the Company for personal interest and will not use the Company's assets without authorization.

  • Third,

    I will not be involved in any illegal act relating to any unlawful use of expenses.

  • Fourth,

    I will not offer or receive any monetary value that may compromise fairness or integrity of my job.

  • Fifth,

    I will not be involved in any illegal act exploiting the Company's superior status and will recognize subcontractors as our partner for mutual growth and therefore will not receive any graft or entertainment from them.

  • Sixth,

    I will not be affected by any personal interest in performing my job with fairness and integrity.

  • Seventh,

    I will report to the ethical management team immediately upon detecting any violation of the Company's ethical standards.

  • Eighth,

    I will respect and follow any decision made from the Company's deliberation on the issue of my ethical behaviors.

Transparent management

DAEBO Engineering & Construction has established and operated its own e-commerce ERP system for placing an order and bidding, which helps us to manage the whole process of subcontracting in a transparent manner, from use of resources/equipment to purchase of materials. Particularly, introduction of an electronic outsourcing system for placing an order effectively prevents any acts of injustice or corruption and keeps the management system transparent.

In addition, the Strategy and Planning team serves in an advisory role for field management
at the beginning of preparing a construction site and conducts an audit for the entire construction process after completion in order to ensure compliance with ethical and transparent management.
If necessary, unannounced inspection is conducted on the office and the site to identify any non-conformance and suggests corrective measures, accompanied by appropriate follow-up.

  • 01Ensuring reliability

  • 02Protection
    of assets

  • 03Prevention of corruption

Operation of the
internal accounting
control system

We're operating the internal accounting control system of the strictest standards in order to ensure transparent management and soundness of assets. In particular, our ongoing monitoring and review of the Company's accounting information effectively helps to secure reliability of financial information, protect assets, and prevent corruption.